Brain Health Trainer FAQs

Before you start learning from the Brain Health Trainer course, I wanted to send some preliminary information related to the course's navigation.
If you have not watched it yet, I highly recommend watching the course tutorial video!
Please read this email carefully, as it will ensure you have a better learning experience, avoid frustrations, and maximize your investment of time! 

I've also put together a tutorial video that will show you how to navigate the course and progress through the lessons easily.
  • It is recommended this course is navigated on a laptop or desktop. Content may also be reviewed on a tablet. Content may be reviewed on a mobile device, but some interactivity may not display clearly. Mobile course content viewing is only recommended for course text review and not engaging in interactivity.
  • At the end of each Course Module, you will see a button at the bottom of the page underneath the lessons that say Mark as Complete. Once you have finished the prior lessons, you must click this.
  • Click "CC" for Closed Captioning during certain videos and interactivity. If a video or interactivity is moving on the screen, but you do not hear anything, your volume is on and working. You will see some GIFs looping moving pictures with no sound.
  • Completely read interactivity instructions (clicking red buttons, clicking arrows, clicking all labels) for help on how to navigate certain course content, before concluding that you are confused and it is not working (use your problem-solving and visuospatial navigation skills!)
  • Wait for the content to fully load, do not scroll down the course content until you are certain you have completed all interactivity. Loading times may depend on your WiFi speed and connection quality.
  • You can return to review all content when completed. You will have to scroll through the "Continue" buttons when returning to course content, but all these buttons will be unlocked for faster course navigation. Use your course PDFs as a guide for locating the content you are looking to review.

We may be making slight updates to the course to improve your experience, and if you have any technical issues or feedback, do not hesitate to email us! I also encourage you to join our Facebook group, where it will be easier to leave technical and content-related feedback and questions!

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