How to Progress Through Course

Progress through course

Step 1 - Navigate to

Step 2 - Click "Brain Health Trainer Course"

Step 3 - Click on the "Introduction Link"

NOTE: When you click on the lesson, you will need to open it to view the lesson's contents.

Step 5 - Click "START COURSE" Icon

Step 6 - Click "CONTINUE" at the bottom of each page to complete the lesson.

NOTE: As you work through each Lesson there will be activities, videos, links to resources, knowledge Checks & Interective activities. Make sure you complete each activity & click on all links to view the resources before you continue to the next page.

Step 7 - Once you complete the Lesson, you will click on " Next Topic" to move to the next lesson in the Module.

NOTE: You can also click on the X on the top, right corner of screen to access the next lesson.

Below are some examples of the different activities within the Lessons.

Interactive Activity to complete.

Practice Activity to do

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